Tradition 1: Our common welfare comes first; personal recovery depends upon S.A.A. unity

1. Read the section on Tradition 1 in Sex Addicts Anonymous page 78.
What are my first reactions to the words of this tradition?

2. Read the paragraph starting with "As recovering sex addicts".
  1. What does this paragraph say that we all need?
  2. What does this paragraph say about attempts to recover alone?
  3. What does this paragraph say that "unity" means for us?

  1. In recovery, "unity" can be very different from prior experiences with efforts to have unity.
  2. What has "unity" meant to me? What have been my experiences with efforts to have unity and what were the results?
  3. How would I want recovery to be different?
  4. What am I looking for in the form of "unity"?
  5. What do we get by being part of a greater whole?
  6. What have I gained by being part of SAA?
  7. What benefits do we find in being part of a larger fellowship?

3. Read the paragraph starting with "Just as we all share".
  1. What do we all share?
  2. What does our common welfare consist in?
  3. What does our diversity of thought and opinion help?
  4. What does this Tradition channel this energy towards?

  1. What are my experiences around differences of opinion with my sponsor, with others in the group, and with the fellowship?
  2. What helps us enjoy our differences?

4. Read the paragraph starting with "Our groups work together".
  1. What does this paragraph say about SAA groups working together and with the rest of the fellowship?
  2. How does my group receive support from other groups and the rest of the fellowship?
  3. What do we keep in mind?
  4. What provides a safe haven for those seeking help?

  1. How am I (and my group) participating in the wider fellowship (Intergroup, Area, & Conference) (i.e., do service at the local group, attend Intergroup meetings / retreats, our group has elected a GSR for the Area, we send a delegate to the Conference, we send members to the Convention / do workshops at the Convention)?
  2. How is my participation with this wider fellowship helping me to experience differences along with unity?

5. Read the paragraph starting with "Disagreements are".
  1. What does the spirit of unity prevent?
  2. What do we cultivate?
  3. What message of dealing with disagreements do I find there?
  4. What puts us all at risk?

  1. What part does my Ego have in the disagreements?
  2. How would humility help the group hold together?
  3. Have I seen the group pull together differences of opinion for the common recovery and if so, how did they do it?

  4. How does the group conscience function for my group?
  5. How have I handled it when the group conscience does not follow my ideas?
  6. How has my addiction wanted me to respond and what does recovery suggest?

  7. This paragraph suggests that our natural tendency for leaving groups over disagreements is best tempered (See SAA Group Guide "Group Inventory" pg. 30).
  8. Has our group talked about why to start a new meeting, how to determine when it is right to do so, and how to go about doing that (See SAA Group Guide)?

6. Read the paragraph starting with "As a fellowship".
  1. What is our commitment?
  2. What depends on the strength of that commitment?
  3. What message of hope do I find there?

  1. Do I see a part for me in this?
  2. What hope do I gain from the fellowship when my local group falls apart?
  3. How does the greater unity of the fellowship support me when my local group has troubles, can't keep going, or splits?

  1. What implications does this Tradition have for spirituality?
  2. How can I use this Tradition in work, relationships, break ups and divorces, and other parts of my life?