Step 9 Made direct amends to such people whereever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

"In taking the Ninth Step, we act on the knowledge that what we do really matters - that our actions have consequences in the world, for good or ill. The damage we did in our addiction is cleared away not only by honestly admitting what we have done but by committing to setting things right." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 48
How committed am I to doing the right thing in regards to my past actions?

"The Ninth Step can be a project of some magnitude. We only work this step when we're ready and have a strong spiritual foundation." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 49 Often, we find that amends are best made when we are living in conscious contact with our higher power. That power will direct our efforts and reactions to events moment by moment such that we are often making a living amends without realizing it.
How am I relying on my Higher Power's guidance, strength, and direction as to when and how to work this step?

"Throughout this process, we are mindful of our motives in making amends." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 49
Have I gone over all my proposed amends, motives, and expectations with my sponsor? What are those motives and expectations?

"If we have good reason to believe that we will do someone harm by making contact, then we refrain." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 49
Have I explored each amends with my sponsor to insure that I won't be harming them or myself by making contact?

"We usually don't need to put ourselves at grave personal risk when making amends." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 50
If my amends would put me at legal risk, who else would be harmed by that legal risk? Do I feel that I need to be hurt or harmed because of what I have done ("suicide by amends")? What has my sponsor and group given as feedback to my proposed amends?

"If we can not make amends directly, we can still take meaningful actions." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 51
Often, we are given opportunities to deal with people similar to those we have harmed. By making amends to these "surrogates", we give them what their abusers never will and we can do this without legal risks. For which names on my list would it be better to make amends to others and what amends can I do?

"In the long run, the most effective amends we can make to others and to ourselves is our commitment to recovery." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 51
How has the making of amends strengthened my commitment to recovery?

"Working Step Nine brings us many gifts: true empathy for those we have harmed, compassion, self-respect, and respect for the humanity of others. God willing, we may experience the forgiveness of those we have harmed." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 52
What gifts have I received by working this step?