Step 8 Made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.

"After completing our list, we often experience difficulty in becoming willing to make amends, especially if we feel that the people we hurt caused us harm as well." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 47
When I review my list of people I have harmed, who do I not want to make amends to? Why?

"If we are angry with someone, it is hard to think about making amends to that person." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 47
What resentments do I still hold against people on my list?

For these people, what actions can I take in order to give what they have done and my resentments over to a Higher Power?

"In many cases, our list contains names of people with whom we have unfinished business." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 47
With whom do I have unfinished business? For which names, do I have fear about doing amends? What do I fear would happen?

"This process of becoming willing to make amends involves a deeper surrender to our Higher Power's will than we have known before" Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 48
How can I give my expectations of the future over to my Higher Power?

Often, we make plans of how and when we will make amends and have hopes of what the results will be - only to have those plans not happen. Going through my list of names, am I willing to let my Higher Power change how and when I make amends to this person and am I willing to give up my ideas and dreams of what the results of my amends will be? It may help to write my plans down and what I hope to happen.

"This process can not be rushed." "If we're not feeling totally ready in every case, or if we're still unsure about some names on our list, we can still move forward and not get stuck here. We can always return to Step Eight at another time and go deeper." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 48
One long time member of the fellowship stated that the amends step can take twenty years. For which names on my list am I ready to move forward on into Step Nine?