Step 6 Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character

"Wanting our lives to change is not the same as being actually ready for change."Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 40
"Often we find that our character defects started as ways to deal with difficult circumstances, in childhood or later. It is hard to let go of beliefs and behaviors that once helped us cope, or even kept us alive."Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 40
There are reasons why we have these character defects. It is important to honor why we chose them in the first place. How did these character defects help me cope or help me survive?

"We look for those aspects of our personality that hold us back in life, whatever they might be." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 41
A character defect is something that no longer serves its purpose in our lives or that the consequences of having it are more damaging than the benefits. How am I being held back by these character defects?

"Yet, if we are unwilling to let go of our defects, we risk being led back into our addiction" Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 42
What would be the cost of going back into my addiction? How can keeping a clear view of those costs help me to do this step?

"Becoming entirely ready involves a deeper commitment to recovery, a willingness to let the God of our understanding effect important changes in us -- changes in our ways of thinking and feeling, changes in our behavior." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 42
How is my commitment to recovery being deepened by examining these traits?

How willing am I to lable these traits, attitudes, and beliefs as "defects" and to let them be changed?

"Many of us had tried to purge ourselves of our worst traits, and our efforts failed, just as our attempts to be free of our addiction failed." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 42
One key aspect of this step is that we are not asked to change these "character defects" ourselves. Instead, we recognise our powerlessness to effect such changes and become willing for a Higher Power to remove them. How willing am I to go through the life changes and spiritual challenges that a Higher Power will take me through that will remove these for me?