Step 2 Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity - Part 2

"We may be so used to self reliance as the only way of functioning in the world that we resist the notion of any Power greater than ourselves. We can start to open ourselves to this idea by considering the forces that are clearly more powerful than we are, such as nature, society, or even our addiction. When we realize that our power is limited, we can more readily acknowledge the possibility of a Higher Power." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 26
Even if I have a religious background, how have I been operating as if no power greater than myself and my addiction exists? What has been the results?

One major challenge to this part of the step is our previous experiences with powers greater than ourselves. These experiences have left us with beliefs are opposite to what this step is about. We may have resentments against them, deep hurts left from their actions, or huge distrust that they would do anything for our benefit. One method to help with this step is to list previous experiences with power, what you learned about power from that, and what you want to have as a relationship with a higher power.

"We experience the group as a Power greater than ourselves that cares. The example of those who are living in recovery, free from their sexually addictive behaviors, shows us the power of the program. We can rely on the love and support of our friends in the group. We develop a willingness to try some of the group's suggestions, even those outside of our usual comfort zone, when we observe the practical effects of these ideas in action. From this simple beginning, belief in a Higher Power can grow." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 27
What caring have I experienced in the group? How is that caring helping me to accept the suggestions they offer?

"In essence, our shared experience of this Power is that of loving and caring. We don't have to be religious to accept this idea, or to ask this loving Power to help in our recovery." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 27
How am I learning to ask for help from the group?

"For most of us, coming to believe is a gradual process. We don't need to believe in any particular concept of a Higher Power in order to begin." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 26 "But if we are patient and open-minded, we will discover an understanding of a Higher Power that is unique to us, and that we are comfortable with." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 27
How am I learning to see spiritual direction being given to me?

How has following that direction helped me with my addiction?

"One of the aspects of coming to believe in a Higher Power is finding out what spiritual concepts make sense to us. We need to be willing to set aside old ideas and prejudices, try new solutions to old problems, and listen to the spiritual experiences and ideas of others in the fellowship." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 27
Even when resenting the efforts needed to work this program, how am I learning to accept new ways of dealing with my addiction?