Step 11 Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understand God, praying only for the knowledge of God's will for us and the power to carry that out.

"In taking the Eleventh Step, we dedicate ourselves to an increasing spiritual awareness and a greater connection with our Higher Power." "It is our conscious contact with this power that has increased for us as we work through each step. By making contact with God a conscious practice, we have allowed God into our lives, healing us, directing us, and changing us in ways that were never possible before." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 55
How has me contact with a higher power be affected by my working the program to this point?

"The two practices through which we seek to improve our spiritual connection in this step are prayer and meditation." "The forms that our prayer and meditation take will depend, in large part, on our personal beliefs about our Higher Power." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 56
What are the forms that I use to be able to talk honestly and accurately about myself and my situations? What am I doing to make sure that I have time in my schedule for such communicating?

How has regular communicating about my situation improved my ability to honestly know myself, my wants, my dreams, and my goals for life?

"If prayer can be thought of as talking to God, then meditation can be compared to listening." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 56 "When we are quiet, we become receptive to wisdom that isn't available otherwise." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 56
What techniques have I found to be useful in my life for quieting my mind and listening? How am I making sure that my schedule has time for that on a regular basis?

"Some of us have found that being out in nature is also a form of meditation." "Connecting with God through nature gives us perspective and a special sense of God's presence." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 57
Part of that is being open to awe. Am I talking time to be open to God's presence in ways that awe me? What can I do to have more time for that?