Step 10 Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it

"When we feel our serenity disturbed, we can use a spot-check inventory to restore our emotional balance." "We take a moment to look inside and gain perspective. We often discover unexamined resentments or other character defects at play." "It isn't always easy to know when we've been wrong. We may not discover the truth about our behavior until later. When we review our day as part of our Tenth Step, we find ourselves recognizing actions and emotions we weren't completely aware of at the time." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 53
How has the use of a daily inventory helped me to see when I've been wrong?

How has my daily inventory helped me to see where I have failed to act on my behalf? What has been the cost of that inaction?

"When we see our error, we promptly admit it. First we admit it to ourselves, which means letting go of defensiveness and the desire to be 'right' at all costs." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 54
How has it helped my serenity to admit to myself that I was wrong?

This step says to admit that I was wrong, but not to promptly make amends. To what other people would it be good to admit my wrongs in order to better approach those I have harmed?

"Next we may admit them to our sponsor or other support people, especially if we need help in sorting out our amends, and to our Higher Power in prayer." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 54
How has my experience in admitting errors to my sponsor and my group helped me to see how best to approach those I have harmed?

"Our imperfection is certain, and mistakes are inevitable. We adopt the attitude of learning from, rather than denying, our mistakes" Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 55
In this program, what mistakes have I learned from?

"Whatever our wrongs, our promptness in admitting them is essential to the success of this step. The longer we wait to make amends for even minor wrongs, the greater the chance that the situation will worsen. Even more importantly, the longer we wait, the greater the risk to our serenity." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 54
How has admitting such mistakes promptly given me relief in life?