For the Religious

It is real easy for a religious person to say that they will make a quick, silent prayer at those moments.
Have those prayers worked in the past?

If those prayers have worked, Great!
However, for so many, the prayers said when facing the addiction have not worked. The reason is typically that we have issues preventing the prayers from reaching the core of our addiction. (One religious text has God stating that "your sins are in the way of me listening to your prayers".) In short, often this means that we are back to handling the situation on our own.

In order to find a connection to a higher power that will work on this addiction, we often need to open up to new ways of our higher power communicating with us. We had been talking to our higher power in only one way and expect only certain responses from that higher power. If, instead, we simply look for what works, we can start to see how many more ways a higher power can act into our lives and see new ways of communicating with that higher power.

Also, we may need to work through the rest of the Steps in order to fully see how a higher power can truly "restore us to sanity" and find ways that such prayers will work in the future.