Step 2 Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity - Part 2

[1]"We don't need to believe in any particular concept of a higher power in order to begin." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 26

[5]Have you ever reached out for help with this addiction? If so, what were the results?

[2] There are several common responses to the phrase "a power greater than ourselves". Some of them are:

[2.5] What is my reaction to this phrase?

[3] Many people assume that the phrase "believe that a power greater than ourselves" means that religious behavior such as prayers, rituals, and vows will fix this addiction.
[4] What is my experience with using religious behavior to fix my addiction?

[6] For many in our program, negative experiences with religion hinder their recovery. It is important to address those negative experiences.
[7] What resentments and hurts do I carry because of my prior experiences with religion?

[8.5] The word "power" has a many meanings. In recovery, it can have far more meanings than anything we thought prior. And our relationships to power changes over time.
What do you think the word power means in this step?

[8] We have had many experiences with powers greater than ourselves throughout our lives, such as parents, teachers, bosses, in-crowds, and more. Please list previous positive and negative experiences you've had with people with power, what you learned about power from that, and what you would have wanted to have as a relationship with a higher power.

  Person with Power       My experiences with that power    Lesson learned about power 
 If I had a choice, how would
I like it to have been, what would I
have wanted from that higher power? 

[14] "A power greater than ourselves" also brings up the issue of control. Do we fear being controlled by something greater than ourselves?

[15]If so, why?

[16] Many of us come to this program looking only for new ways to control the addiction or its consequences. Am I still looking just for new ways to control the addiction?

[9] Our program declines to specify what a "power greater than ourselves" is. We have no doctrine, creed, or scriptures.
[10]Why do you think the program does not define what "power greater than ourselves" means?

[11]Do you benefit by not having a "power greater than ourselves" specified? If so, or if not, how?

[13] We experience various kinds of power in this program. Some people sense a power in meetings. Some people experience a strength in sharing with another person. Some people see the strength of being honest in group as one kind of higher power. What am I experiencing in this program about powers that can help me?

[12] When struggling with my addiction, how might I find a power other than myself that I can accept?

[17] When we come to believe, we change what we do. Others can see our belief in a "power greater than ourselves" by what actions we do differently.
What actions show that I believe that this program can work for me?

[18] "For many of us, this starts with simply coming to meetings. We experience the group as a Power greater than ourselves that cares." Sex Addicts Anonymous pg 26