For The Religiously Trained Person

Some of us come in with advanced religious training. Step Two becomes a very significant challenge because we hear words and phrases that we want to interpret with that training, but need to learn to interpret with our hearts.
One of the first reactions that religiously trained people have when first encountering this program is to feel like, "I know all this." How did that reaction happen for me?

How do I feel like "I have already done this step"?

Another reaction is to be analytical when listening in meetings and to put the sharing in context of the religious training. How is that reaction keeping me from listening with my heart?

Often we have been used to having our knowledge respected and enjoy sharing our knowledge. How has that added to the difficulty of being honest with the group about my behavior?

How has my position and knowledge made it difficult to ask for help from others in the program?

Some denominations do not allow much freedom in expressing doubts or conflicting beliefs. We may have been trained to not acknowledge any such in ourselves. How has my training made it difficult to accept that I may have addictive beliefs acting in my life?